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About the show

Hey, I’m Sarah. I love the hell out of radio and Newcastle, so getting to host a radio show in Newcastle is basically my dream job (especially after my hopes of being a professional chocolate taster were dashed) . The Afternoon Show is all about great music, local info and having fun. I wear far too much print, dance badly in the studio and love getting to know you! So give me a call one day and who knows, you might win something cool while you’re at it. To break the ice here are a few tit bits about me… • I once ended up on horse in the main street of Dubbo wearing only a bikini & spray painted in maroon colours (aren’t origin bets fun) • I can beat anyone in a skipping competition. Go on, I dare you to challenge me to a “skip off”. • I got suspended from school the same day I was named School Captain (by my Dad, who was the school principal) -AWKWARD. • I once got kicked out of the “Ducks Nuts” for attempting to play the drums on stage (that’s why I love karaoke, no matter how bad you are you can’t get kicked off).